Why Brandon Aiyuk Will Stay in Trade Scenarios

All-Pro wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk is becoming more and more involved in trade rumors.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have reportedly shown "interest" in the promising wide receiver, adding to the "rumors" that were circulating with the Jacksonville Jaguars. An important decision about Aiyuk is on the horizon for the San Francisco 49ers.

He is eligible for a contract extension since he is about to finish his rookie agreement. The 49ers have three options: they either trade DeForest Buckner, carry on their tradition of extending homegrown great players, or let him play out his final year.

The outcome, whatever it may be, will not be known for some time. The 49ers don't extend players until the middle of summer, so that's why. 

They insist on this strange standard, but it doesn't help them do anything. I think it would be a good idea to extend Aiyuk's contract now or soon after free agency ends.

The 49ers keep bringing this up, though, so Aiyuk will likely be mentioned in connection with trade prospects. Just by extending him soon, they can put a stop to all the trade talk. Waiting another four or five months is pointless if they already want him back.

But they delight in keeping players who are eligible for contract extensions waiting. Since they have demonstrated the ability to trade a star player whose contract is up for extension in the past, they will have to endure the trade rumors until it happens. We can thank the 49ers for this. 

Of course, they could go against their usual practice of keeping a player on the field till late, but would the 49ers really want to do that? In the same vein as last year when it came to Nick Bosa, Aiyuk is sure to face the same fate. 

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