Tyron Smith: Fair Jets contract, must prove I can play well.

Incentives based on Smith's regular season playing time were a major component of the one-year deal that the Jets and veteran left tackle Tyron Smith reached.

The amount of money Smith makes in his contract increases in relation to the number of snaps he plays; in 2023, he played 13 games, but in the three seasons prior, he was capped at 17 games

His base compensation is $6.5 million, and he may earn an additional $750,000 for playing 38% of the snaps. If he can maintain his starting position for 68% of the snaps, he would earn $12 million.

Smith stated on Thursday that the deal's structure was reasonable given his background and his desire to prove to the Jets that he can be the All-Pro player they envision for him.

Smith was quoted as saying, "Honestly, I'm just excited to be on this team and have the opportunity to continue playing," on the team's website. 

 The current state of the contract does reflect events over the last several years, yes. I feel it's a reasonable price. All I have to do is go out there and show them I can play at the level they expect of me.

Smith claims he didn't have any ailments going into the offseason and would be able to "go full-tilt" when practice starts, which bodes well for his ability to make the most of those incentives.

The Jets and Smith are still working on a practice program that will keep him in peak physical shape; if they are successful, it will benefit both the team's performance and Smith's financial situation.

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