Top AI Stocks to Buy in March

Artificial intelligence (AI) goods and services like ChatGPT and AI-powered medical devices have shown us its potential. However, much remains to discover and grow. This is why AI stocks are a good buy now: We know this technology's potential, but its expansion is just beginning. AI stocks could rise significantly in the future.

Since many companies are investing in AI, AI stocks are present in various industries. AI stocks may diversify your portfolio, another benefit. But where to start? My top March AI stocks to purchase.

1. Super Micro PC Behind-the-scenes AI work by Super Micro Computer (NASDAQ: SMCI) has helped the company's profitability rise recently. The company's first $3 billion quarter surpassed its 2021 annual revenue.

Supermicro supplies servers, workstations, full rack scale solutions, and more, which AI users need. Supermicro outperformed its industry with five times greater growth last year.

The company's building blocks design and tight partnerships with major chipmakers let it launch products quickly. Supermicro knows when Nvidia will release the next processor, therefore it will be available in its products instantly. Supermicro joined the S&P 500, proving it's worth watching and adding to your portfolio.

2. Palantir Technology Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) helps clients combine diverse data to improve operations. Governments have been the company's largest consumers for years. However, as AI grows, commercial customers are turning to Palantir and its new Artificial Intelligence Platform.

AIP uses AI to help consumers leverage their data, and the company has a smart way of attracting them. It offers AI Bootcamps to assist customers generate use cases in hours. Palantir's earnings have soared as commercial customer growth has increased.

U.S. commercial revenue rose 70% and client count rose 55% in the last quarter. Palantir announced over 20 new clients and partners at AIPCon. Palantir's commercial customer is poised to drive growth, making now a good time to buy this AI growth company and profit.

3. Medtronic Medical equipment giant Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) may not seem like an AI firm. But this player is a healthcare AI leader. AI could alter healthcare for people, providers, and companies. As customers rush to AI solutions that enhance health outcomes, organizations that develop them may see profits soar.

Medtronic is coming. GI Genius for gastroenterology and an AI-based spinal surgery planning tool are among the five AI products the company has won regulatory approval for. Medtronic reported "strong adoption" of the spine surgical platform in the last quarter.

These programs could help Medtronic dominate competitive markets. Medtronic's spine platforms are growing despite consolidation disrupting the spine business, the company claimed.  Medronic has consistently increased earnings and dividends, and this will continue. Cake icing? Medtronic's focus on AI may provide a new growth driver that benefits investors.

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