Tired by high ticket prices, Yungblud is starting an economical music event.    

 London — Yungblud, a recording artist who is sick of paying exorbitant rates for concert tickets, is starting his own economical music festival.

On August 11, Bludfest will be held in the world-famous Milton Keynes Bowl in Buckinghamshire, England, northwest of London. The bowl has played host to artists such as David Bowie and Green Day. Dom Harrison, better known as Yungblud, believes that present-day festivals are "unrepresentative of people" and has set the price of Bludfest at 49.50 pounds (about $63).

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, he discussed the normal festival fees, stating, "It's like massive ticket charges, massive prices that most of the time aren't really going to the artist anyway." His point is that people aren't able to attend music festivals, which is a shame because the whole point is to enjoy oneself and create lasting memories.

His fellow performers include Nessa Barrett, Jazmin Bean, Lola Young, Lil Yachty, and the duo Soft Play. Another "icons" slot features The Damned. The sale of event tickets begins soon March 22 A "physical world" for Yungblud, his fans, and "anyone else who wants to come along" is his ultimate goal, according to Yungblud.

For those admirers who are going alone, the British star has also included a "Make a Friend" option. A Discord channel is available for pre-game chatting, or you can just show up at the allocated tent to meet folks in person.

If everything works out as planned, he plans to take the concept to other parts of the world beyond the United Kingdom. Yungblud is currently composing his fourth studio album in addition to Bludfest. He claims this work is more upbeat than his previous works, which dealt with themes of despair.

The things that first deeply wounded me have been memorialized in my music. Light is the subject of this new album's opposite side. What matters most to me is being alive, being with my friends, and believing that I can overcome this because these individuals have given me hope," he explained.

Friends aren't the only ones who cheer him on; his admirers do, too. The fact that he witnesses people's kindness and generosity at his performances gives him "strong faith in humanity," he added.

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