Rep. David Trone apologizes for racial slur at hearing. He claims it was accidental.

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland  – When asked about the use of a racist slur during a budget hearing, a congressman from Maryland who is running for Senate has expressed his regret for what he claims was an accidental occurrence.

Rep. David Trone, a Democrat, stated that he was unable to differentiate between the word he used and another word while he was discussing tax rates.

The comment was made by the lawmaker, who is also the creator of the nationwide Total Wine & More chain. He made the statement while referring to the fact that the corporation tax rates did not have any impact on the way he conducted business.

After then, Trone provided an apology in the form of a written statement.

According to what he said, "I used a phrase that is offensive while I was attempting to use the word 'bugaboo' in a hearing." "That word has a long and dreadful history," the speaker said. It should never be used in any discourse, at any time, in any location, or at any moment.

Given that I am a white male, I am aware of the privileges that I enjoy. On top of that, as an elected person, I am accountable for the words that I choose to use, particularly when I am in the midst of a heated situation. In spite of the fact that I intended to convey something else, I should not have used that terminology.

In the election for the Senate seat that will be vacated by retiring Senator Ben Cardin, Trone is a candidate for the Democratic nomination. In the race for the United States Senate, he is competing against Angela Alsobrooks, who is seeking to become the first Black senator from the state

 Prince George's County, which is located in the suburbs of the nation's capital, is where she serves as the chief executive officer.

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