On March 26, Apple is likely to unveil its new iPad Air and OLED iPad Pro.

The highly awaited OLED iPad Pro and the new iPad Air are going to be introduced by Apple on March 26 of the next week, following the recent release of new MacBook Air models that feature the M3 chip.

Apple is now getting ready to present these products. There have been reports that indicate that it is anticipated that pre-orders will be available.

It's possible that the price rise for the new iPad Pro with an OLED screen won't be as significant as previously anticipated. As per earlier forecasts, the price of the 11-inch model was estimated to begin at $1,500, while the price of the 13-inch model was estimated to begin at $1,800. 

The price might potentially surpass $2,000 for larger storage options. Leaked information, on the other hand, implies that the rise might be somewhere around 160 dollars, which is lower than what was predicted. 

OLED panels, which are more expensive than LCD screens, are being used for the first time in iPads by Apple, which is the reason for the increased price.The M3 chip, OLED displays, a smaller design, and modifications to the front and rear cameras are said to be included in the new iPad Pro models at some point in the fall.

In addition to that, they might come with a MagSafe for wireless charging. It is anticipated that the Magic Keyboard will undergo a redesign that will have a larger trackpad in addition to other modifications.

There is a possibility that Apple will launch a new version of the Apple Pencil concurrently with these iPads.

Additionally, they want to launch at least two iPad Air models with a 12.9-inch display that are equipped with the M2 chip. The iPad Air lineup may undergo significant modifications as a result of these revisions.

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