Macaulay Culkin's fiancee Brenda Song makes her feel "so confident," according to Song.  

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song have never had to face an unpleasant reality.. While attending a launch event for Clarins' Multi-Active skincare range in Los Angeles on Friday, the actress opened up about how the "Home Alone" actor helps boost her confidence in her physical beauty.

Sing told People magazine, "I think he's the one that really made me feel the most beautiful when I'm about to go to bed and I have nothing on my face and I'm so tired," during the event. "He looks at me, and I'm like, 'He makes me feel so confident.'" It's just before we watch a pretty ridiculous TV show.

Their relationship's openness contributes to this self-assurance. Culkin "has to sit through my 20-minute self-care at night," the star of "Blue Eye Samurai" stated. The couple's divergent skincare routines were another target of Song's mockery.

"He doesn't follow a skincare regimen," stated Song. I consider myself fortunate if he waters his face while he sleeps. It is my responsibility to smear things over his face.

She went on to say, "He's like a boy who's like, 'I've never had to do anything.'" "I will never do anything." "Not the case for me," I thought to myself. He showed up at the eleventh hour and finished in five minutes, whereas I spent an hour and a half getting ready for the event.

Seth Green's 2019 dramedy "Changeland" had Song and Culkin as co-stars. They have a son named Dakota, who is 2 years old, and another son whose age and identity are unknown. The Hollywood Walk of Fame presented Culkin with his star in December. Culkin acknowledged Song's support throughout his address.

Brenda, you have my gratitude. With those words, Culkin summed up what you are: perfect. My champion, you are. On this particular day, no one is more pleased for me than you are. You're the most remarkable human being I've ever encountered; in fact, you're the most remarkable lady I've ever met.

The couple's two boys, as well as Song, were present to congratulate the accomplishment; at one point, Song seemed to get upset. "You mean the world to me.  A sense of family is bestowed upon me by you," Culkin exclaimed. "And ever since our two boys were born, you have grown into one of my three most beloved individuals."

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