Longtime Chicago Congressman Danny Davis wins tight Democratic primary.

Chicago— In Tuesday's Illinois primary, two Chicago incumbent U.S. House Democrats in tough contests won easily, while a downstate GOP incumbent who earned former President Donald Trump's endorsement seized an early lead.

12th District Former state Sen. Darren Bailey conceded to U.S. Rep. Mike Bost in a tight southern Illinois Republican primary, according to his campaign. Bost faces his second intraparty contest for a sixth term in Congress. Bailey, the defeated 2022 GOP governor candidate, sought to unseat the 63-year-old.

Bailey, 57, claims Bost lacking conservatism. After the 2020 Census, Illinois' 12th Congressional District encompasses a major portion of southern Illinois that voted for Donald Trump over 70% in 2016 and 2020. Bailey lost his chance to get the former president's endorsement when Trump, the 2024 presidential hopeful, endorsed Bost.

Bost thanked Trump and stressed common ground in a late Tuesday speech to supporters. “If we stay united as a party, we can truly advance the agenda,” he stated. The race is about rebuffing gun control, lowering inflation, opposing abortion, and sealing the U.S. southern border, a major issue for Illinois, which has received 36,000 migrants who crossed into Texas and were sent to Chicago.

Bailey believes congressional Republicans should oppose Democrats on these and other topics and cooperate only when they forsake “extreme” ideas. Bost considers himself a “governing conservative,” opposing Democrats on policy but seeking cooperation.

Bailey issued a brief concession statement, urging fans to hold elected leaders accountable. “I think we made a statement,” he remarked. “Hopefully the party will notice that we won’t tolerate this nonsense, this sellout attitude.”

7th District Longtime Rep. Danny Davis won the Democratic primary after a five-way race. Davis was 82 when he took office in 1997, raising worries about his fitness. He said those questions are reasonable but his knowledge is crucial for key committee leadership. He serves on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Davis noted his strong popularity in the district, which includes downtown Chicago, south and west side neighborhoods, and some suburbs. “Our roots are deep in this community and not just one area or one part of it,” he added Tuesday night via phone. “We knew our people would succeed.”

Party support for Davis was high. Still, his Democratic opponents anticipated voter displeasure would benefit them. Davis defeated progressive anti-violence activist Kina Collins, who received 45% of the vote, in the 2022 primary.

Another well-known candidate was Chicago City Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin, a longtime Davis friend who called for his ouster. Black pastors and the powerful Chicago Teachers Union supported her. The district is largely Democratic, therefore Davis should win in November. Chicago professor Nikhil Bhatia and former Gov. J.B. Pritzker deputy director Kouri Marshall also ran.

4th District Three-term Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia defeated Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez in the Democratic primary. The congressman, who dominated financing and endorsements, faced his first primary contest since becoming elected in 2018.

Garcia spoke to supporters at his election night reception Tuesday about reproductive rights, the economy, and immigration reform. “We need to stand strong and united,” he stated. “Our collaboration will be hard. Our toughness has been shown time and time again.”

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