Jonathan Majors' ex-girlfriend sues him for escalating violence and defamation.  

Three months after Jonathan Majors was convicted in a criminal trial of attacking her in New York City, his ex-girlfriend sued him on civil charges of assault, battery, defamation, and injury of mental distress.

A 31-year-old British dancer, Grace Jabbari, sued Majors in Manhattan federal court for escalating physical and verbal abuse from 2021 to 2023. “Grace Jabbari’s resolve has never wavered,” her lawyer, Brittany Henderson, told The Associated Press via email. “She is brave in seeking accountability. This action will reveal the truth, giving her justice and finality.”

During the trial, 34-year-old Majors maintained his innocence. In December, a Manhattan jury found him guilty of misdemeanor assault and harassment for a March confrontation with Jabbari. He was acquitted of another attack and aggravated harassment. Sentencing is April 8.

Jabbari said Majors attacked her in a car and caused “excruciating” pain; his lawyers claimed he was the aggressor. In an email, Majors' criminal lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, said the lawsuit "is no surprise." Majors is preparing counterclaims against Jabbari. Her explanation was lacking.

On Tuesday, other lawyers and Majors' representative did not respond. The “Creed III” star anticipated the criminal trial would vindicate him and restore his Hollywood stardom. Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Co. sacked him hours after the verdict.

Jabbari and Majors met in August 2021, started dating, and fell in love, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims Majors controlled and abused her, including demanding in June 2022 that she “never go anywhere again where she was not available for him to reach her at all times.”

The suit claims Majors became upset the next month and shoved her into a Los Angeles shower wall, hitting her head. Majors was unhappy at Jabbari for inviting her friend over to their London flat in September 2022 after they moved in together when he was filming “Loki,” the complaint states.

The suit claims Majors pulled Grace up in the air and hurled her against her car hood. Grace yelled for aid. Majors then forced Grace into a headlock and covered her lips to prevent anyone from hearing her calls for aid. The suit claims Majors pulled Jabbari inside their flat and put his hands around her neck, indicating he wanted to kill her. He then banged her head on the marble floor “while strangling her until she felt she could no longer breathe,” the complaint states.

According to the claim, Majors advised Jabbari not to seek medical attention after that incident due to his professional concerns. The lawsuit filing claims Majors threatened suicide. The suit claims Jabbari stayed with Majors despite abuse. It states Grace felt Defendant Majors would change and stop abusing her, like many domestic violence victims.

They moved into a NYC apartment in December 2022. The suit claims the abuse continued there, leading to Majors' assault case. Jabbari claimed Majors punched her in the head with his open palm, twisted her arm behind her back, and fractured her middle finger.

Majors' lawyers said she exploded with jealousy after reading a communication from another woman on his phone. They said Jabbari circulated a “fantasy” to bring down the actor, who was just attempting to collect his phone and escape.

Majors was also sued for defamation and malicious prosecution for lying in media interviews that he never abused Jabbari and filing a criminal complaint against her for the incident that led to his arrest, claiming he was the victim.

The lawsuit claims Majors blamed his victim, as many domestic abusers do. Jabbari was briefly arrested at a New York City police station based on Majors' statements, but prosecutors dropped all charges the next day. The lawsuit claims Jabbari wants $75,000 in damages and fees.

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