In 2024, Keep an Eye Out for These 7 Major AI Trends

Predicting specific trends several years into the future can be challenging due to the rapid pace of technological innovation and the dynamic nature of the AI landscape. However, based on current developments and emerging themes, here are seven potential AI trends to look for in 2024.

Advances in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): While artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) systems excel at specific tasks, researchers are increasingly developing AGI systems that can perform a wide range of cognitive tasks at human level or beyond. Reinforcement learning, neural architecture search, and transfer learning breakthroughs could bring AGI to life by 2024.

Ethical AI and Responsible AI Development: As AI technologies become more widespread, ethical AI development and deployment are becoming increasingly important. We should expect more attention to algorithmic bias, fairness, transparency, accountability, and the ethical implications of AI-powered systems in healthcare, criminal justice, and finance in 2024

AI for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainability: AI can help mitigate climate change and promote sustainability. AI-powered solutions for environmental monitoring, renewable energy optimisation, climate modelling, natural catastrophe prediction, and sustainable agriculture may increase in 2024.

AI-powered healthcare innovations: AI can improve patient care, diagnostic accuracy, administrative efficiency, and tailored therapy. In 2024, AI-powered medical imaging technologies, predictive analytics tools, virtual health assistants, and drug discovery platforms may grow.

AI-driven Automation and Robotics: Automation and robotics powered by AI technologies are transforming industries such as manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and retail. In 2024, we may see increased deployment of AI-driven robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, and smart machines for tasks such as warehouse operations, last-mile delivery, and customer service.

Edge and Distributed AI Systems: Running AI algorithms on edge devices like smartphones, IoT devices, and edge servers for real-time processing, low latency, and data privacy is gaining popularity. Edge AI solutions for smart cities, driverless vehicles, industrial IoT, and augmented reality may become popular in 2024.

 AI Regulation and Policy Development: As AI technologies continue to advance and proliferate, there is increasing scrutiny and calls for regulation to address potential risks and societal impacts. In 2024, we may see the development of new regulatory frameworks, standards, and guidelines for AI governance, data privacy, cybersecurity, and algorithmic accountability at the national and international levels.

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