'I keep blooming': Anne Hathaway wants older women's coming-of-age stories  

Austin, Texas Anne Hathaway wept. Shy Nicholas Galitzine. We demanded more. "The Idea of You," which closed South by Southwest Saturday night, is a seductive, witty, and good romantic comedy we want to see again.

Adapted from Robinne Lee's book, Hathaway and Galitzine star. Romantic comedy directed by Michael Showalter starring Reid Scott ("Veep") and newcomer Ella Rubin. "The Idea of You" follows 24-year-old boy band star Hayes Campbell (Galizine) and Solene, a divorced 40-year-old mom (Hathaway).

Classic rom-com elements are present in the film. Solene works in an art gallery, a jealous ex-husband watches, the couple travels Europe, and something happens between the two lovers to make them rethink everything. In "The Idea of You," Solene is 16 years older than Hayes. What will Solene's daughter, family, and friends think?

Campbell's pop popularity adds another layer. Selena Gomez received death threats after dating Justin Bieber.

The story is emotional due to the hatred women, especially cheerful women, face, and the age gap between Hayes and Solene. It also shows that women have passion, sexuality, sentiments, and thoughts after having children or getting older.

We think of coming-of-age stories as happening in your youth, but I feel like I keep flowering "Hathaway told SXSW why she wanted to play Solene.

As Solene, Hathaway stuns, but you knew that. It's Anne Hathaway. She excels at the "smile-cry" - when a character's eyes flood up while grining. Nobody is better at most. Hathaway enjoyed playing Solene at Coachella and in her California home with Galitzine. Hathaway and Galitzine's synergy frothed our glasses.

One of our favorite rom-com cliches is pop-star-and-civilian-fall-in-love. Is it not everyone's fantasy that an artist will discover them in a crowd and invite them into a love montage? "The Idea of You" was dreamy and enjoyable. It won't be forgotten.

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