Dodgers dismiss Shohei Ohtani interpreter for'massive theft (Part-2)'

One MLB source said ESPN raised the issue in recent days but federal authorities did not contact the league. The insider said MLB's next step is to gather facts, which may take time due to the federal probe.

ESPN said that federal investigators investigating Bowyer's bookmaking enterprise saw Ohtani's wire transfers in January. ESPN examined two $500,000 wire transfers. "Shohei Otani" has bank, wire, and "loan." The official Japanese two-way player is "Otani".

US Central District of California lawyers declined comment. Bowyer's bookmaking associate's lawyer declined comment.Two sources claimed federal investigators haven't contacted Ohtani or Mizuhara.

Bowyer, 48, may face felony charges. ESPN uncovered many signs of an FBI raid on his residence in October. According to an ESPN search warrant inventory, police collected cash, casino chips, bank data, money counting devices, laptops, portable storage, and phones. Agents seized two Breitling watches and almost a dozen Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermès purses.

ESPN said that Mizuhara met Bowyer in San Diego poker in 2021 and began credit betting. In 2022, Mizuhara predicted $1 million in losses.

I'm bad at gambling. No way again. No victories "Mizuhara. I lost because I risked more and dug in. Snowball effect."Mizuhara said Tuesday that Ohtani sent wire transfers under his supervision for months last year after paying. New transaction box says "loan".

“We had to describe the wire,” Mizuhara remarked. "I think Matt [Bowyer] might have told me to just put 'loan.' You had to put something."Mizuhara stated Ohtani paid Bowyer's accomplice directly since he didn't trust him."He didn't want me to risk it," Mizuhara stated.Izuhara promised Ohtani money.

ESPN reporter questioned Ohtani's team about Mizuhara's claim that Ohtani was present, helped relocate the money, and would be paid back. Spokesman called Ohtani's lawyers, who claimed "massive theft."Mizuhara stated Wednesday afternoon that Ohtani was unaware of his gambling, debts, or repayment efforts.

"Obviously, this is all my fault, everything I've done," adds. "I'm ready to face all the consequences."He was "working on it." without advice, Mizuhara said. He contacted ESPN alone Wednesday afternoon.But he denied baseball betting.

Starting the season in South Korea, Dodgers beat San Diego Padres 5-2 Wednesday. Mizuhara observed from Dodgers dugout. Mizuhara told Dodgers clubhouse about gambling problem plot after game, rep said.In December, the Dodgers signed Ohtani to a record 10-year, $700-million contract, making him North America's highest-paid player. Most of the $680 million is deferred until 2034–2043.

ESPN sources say Bowyer's company is under investigation by the Las Vegas U.S. attorney's office that prosecuted Wayne Nix's massive money laundering and illegal gambling case. In March 2022, California bookmaker Nix pleaded guilty to conspiring to run a sports gambling operation and filing a false tax return. September sentence. Four more bookmakers confessed.

Nix hid $1.5 million gambled by an unknown NFL player, MLB coach, and baseball expert. The prosecution alleges a sportscaster assured Nix he would mortgage his property to pay off gambling debts.Yasiel Puig was indicted by the US in November 2022 for lying about betting with Nix's firm. Attorney: 9th Circuit hears Puig's case.

After the Nix probe, former Resorts World and MGM Grand CEO Scott Sibella pleaded guilty in January. In his guilty plea, Sibella allowed Nix gamble at MGM Grand and its affiliates using unlawful income. MGM Grand and Cosmopolitan lost $7.45 million to Sibella's guilty plea.

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