Congressman Mike Bost wins sixth term nomination after GOP primary battle.

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois After a fierce primary contest with former state Senator Darren Bailey, United States Representative Mike Bost emerged victorious and earned the Republican nomination for the southern Illinois district.

The incumbent, who has served as governor of Illinois for five terms, was opposed by Bailey, the Republican nominee for governor in 2022. Bailey declared that the incumbent was not conservative enough for the district that spans almost the whole bottom one-third of the state.

He attempted to secure the support of former President Donald Trump, but Trump ultimately decided to back Bost.

In an address that he delivered to supporters late on Tuesday night, Bost expressed his gratitude to Trump and declared victory. He underlined the need of maintaining unity within the party.

He stated, "I do not compromise my morals; however, the foundation of this nation is located in the discovery of common ground."

After the 2020 Census, Bailey, who is 57 years old, made an effort to capitalize on the shift to the right that occurred in the 12th District. Bost, who is 63 years old and veteran of the United States Marine Corps, is currently serving as the chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. 

 In addition, he holds positions on the Agriculture Committee and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He argued that his seniority, knowledge, and the contacts he has formed over the years enable him to give better constituent service and move legislation that is beneficial to the district more quickly than a rookie who requires "on-the-job training."

In November, when Bost will compete against Democrat Brian Roberts, an attorney from Carbondale, it is largely anticipated that Bost would emerge victorious.

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