Buy 2 No-Brainer Stocks for Under $1,000 Now

If you have excess cash, now is the time to invest it in stocks. Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) have shown better growth over the last year, but they have outstanding potential in 2024 and beyond. An investor with less than $1,000 could buy one share of each stock now. Two companies are no-brainer investments because

1. Alphabet Alphabet's digital advertising tailwinds have blown investors away over the past decade. The stock has returned 147% over the previous five years and is nearing new highs as the internet advertising business recovers from macroeconomic headwinds, but the market still underestimates Google's data and AI advantages.

New investors might start with the stock's attractive valuation. It has a 21 ahead P/E. Given the company's previous profits growth (27% in 2023 and 17% predicted in 2024), this ratio implies the stock is inexpensive.

Alphabet should develop strongly. Data from billions of Google product users gives it an edge. This will help the firm improve its Gemini AI model and offer advanced capabilities for YouTube content creators and advertisers.

AI will boost demand for Google Cloud, which is finally profitable after years of losses. Demand for generative AI services is driving the cloud business's financial turnaround. McDonald's and Verizon Communications expanded their Google Cloud partnerships. These factors make the stock a no-brainer buy in 2024.

2. Amazon Amazon stock is a great investment. Over the past decade, the company's online retail and cloud businesses have grown, sending the stock up 101% in five years. After a severe dip in 2022, the stock is rebounding and could rise as company development resumes.

Amazon's performance is particularly amazing since management is squeezing more profit out of the business while continuing to do what developed the brand over the last two decades. Same-day delivery and competitive retail prices are adding value for clients, and operating profit rose 383% year-over-year in 2023's fourth quarter

Amazon made a record $36.8 billion operating profit last year, and management has said it's continuing improving retail efficiency. Amazon can still generate shareholder returns outside of retail. Only 43% of Amazon's income came from online and physical stores last year. The rest comes from high-margin industries like advertising, subscriptions, third-party seller services, and Amazon Web Services cloud.

Amazon might profit greatly in the next decade. It has enormous growth potential in global e-commerce and cloud services. These opportunities might help Amazon reach $100 billion in operating profit in 10 years. That would boost the stock's value, making it a no-brainer purchase.

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