Brain Health Arm Weakness & Early Stroke Signs                                           

A stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), happens when brain tissue is deprived of oxygen and nutrients due to a blood supply interruption. This can happen when a brain artery is blocked (ischemic stroke) or when a brain blood vessel ruptures.

Lack of oxygen and nutrients can damage or kill brain cells, causing neurological symptoms. The location and severity of brain injury determine stroke symptoms.

Stroke symptoms often include arm weakness, especially if the stroke damages the brain's arm control center. Arm weakness usually affects one side and can range from minor to severe. It may cause arm numbness, tingling, or coordination issues. Other stroke symptoms are listed below.

One side of the face, arm, or leg can be affected. You may suddenly lose movement or sensation on one side.Speech difficulties, slurred speech, and trouble finding words may indicate a stroke.  

Dizziness, coordination issues, and trouble walking straight can indicate a stroke.If accompanied by additional symptoms, a sudden, intense headache without a known reason, characterized as the worst headache of one's life, may indicate a stroke.

Stroke can cause blurred or double vision, sudden vision loss, or trouble seeing out of one or both eyes.One side of the face may droop or get numb, especially when smiling.Swallowing or mouth-and-throat muscle weakness may suggest a stroke.

A stroke can cause sudden balance or coordination loss and difficulties walking or standing.A sudden, strong spinning sensation, especially with concomitant stroke symptoms, may suggest a stroke.

If you or someone else has abrupt arm weakness or numbness, especially on one side, coupled with other stroke symptoms, get medical assistance immediately. Early stroke treatment improves results and reduces the chance of long-term impairment or complications.

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