Biden calls the election prom night for voters who brought him to the dance. (Part-2)

Biden must reunite his 2020 coalition of college graduates, union households, younger voters, and Black and Hispanic Americans to win a second term. Biden has weak polling in numerous groups. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs found that only 74% of Democrats approved of his performance last month, despite his near-universal Democratic support.

Black adult approval has dropped from 94% at the start of his term to 58% in February. Only 38% of Hispanic adults approve of him, down from 70% in January 2021. He is currently approved of by 35% of those under 45, down from 63% in January 2021. The low readings have raised fears about Biden's November chances.

He wants to convince different constituencies that their shared principles are the key to his reelection. To combine his election year story with theirs. Biden told Irish Americans the election is about “honesty, decency, dignity, equality.” Using his Irish heritage, he said, “Irish Americans have always stepped up in that fight. No joke. We are that.”

He told Michigan auto workers: “Unions are growing — the single biggest reason why the economy is growing — because you are the best workers in the world. Not exaggeration. Actually, you are.”

Trump's ardent fans attend rallies wearing his name and image. He praises loyalists like the Jan. 6, 2021, rioters who were convicted and called “hostages” at Trump gatherings. He adored the “poorly educated” in 2016.

His base is deep yet narrow, according to election results.  In 2020, approximately 90% were white and 2/3 were over 50. Trump has won the Electoral College once but never more than 46.8% of the national popular vote and has sought to scare “suburban housewives” into backing him.

Trump routinely uses “love,” which can be a compliment, an insult, or a criticism of his record. It usually targets his base. “I love Alabama, but they understand we don’t have to be there,” he remarked during a Saturday Ohio rally. Our locations must be closer.

At the same event, he declared, “I love California — one of the most beautiful places.” They're ruining it. California is being destroyed.” Unlike Biden, Trump wants to hear from his followers that they love him.

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