Bicentennial Quarter Bonanza: 3 Rare Coins Worth $5 Million+ Each!

When it comes to collecting coins, there are many unique and interesting findings, but few that can compare to the Bicentennial Quarter series in terms of value and appeal.   

These quarters, which were released in 1976 to mark the 200th anniversary of American independence, are now coveted by collectors worldwide. A small number of them are very noteworthy, with individual values exceeding $5 million owing to their scarcity, pristine condition, and historical importance.   

This numismatic wonder is the Double Die Obverse Quarter. The motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" and the date are surrounded by a prominent doubling on the obverse side of this coin. The mistake happened when the coin's minting die was not properly positioned.   

The value of the coin is greatly enhanced by this little inaccuracy. Due of its extreme rarity and the extreme accuracy needed to discern the doubling, this quarter is considered a jewel by collectors and is worth about $5.5 million.  

With only one out-of-center hit, a regular quarter may become a collector's prize. An very unusual occurrence, this Bicentennial Quarter was hit fifteen percent off-center.   

In the world of numismatics, the Overstruck Quarter stands apart. A 1971 Eisenhower Dollar was struck on the wrong die, creating a hybrid coin with characteristics of both the quarter and the dollar.  

One of the most coveted error coins, this remarkable mistake produces an intriguing combination of patterns and inscriptions. Proof of its singularity in coin collecting, its tale and extreme rarity have driven its value to an astounding $5.8 million.  

Due to its pristine condition and meticulous attention to detail, the Full Drum Lines Quarter is highly sought-after. An unusual feature of this Bicentennial Quarter is the inclusion of complete, legible drum patterns on the reverse side of the coin, which depicts a colonial drummer.   

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