2 AI Growth Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever (Part-2)

Despite Nvidia's strong growth potential, investors are justifiably concerned about its high value. Nvidia is trading at 77 times its profits, making it expensive. Still, this value is lower than the company's three-year average P/E of 95.9 and five-year average of 86.9. With its cutting-edge products, Nvidia has always traded at a premium. However, it returned 300% last year, which is astounding.

Therefore, with many strong tailwinds and a lower-than-historical value, this stock should be acquired. Dollar-cost-averaging and long-term investing can reduce risk for investors.

2. Marvell Technology Marvell Technology shares fell approximately 11.4% on March 7 after the firm reported its Q4 fiscal 2024 profits (ended Feb. 3, 2024) results. Despite weaker carrier infrastructure, enterprise networking, and consumer markets, the AI-driven data center sector remains strong.

Marvell has invested heavily in AI-optimized networking devices and processors to capitalize on AI and computing market growth. The fourth quarter witnessed strong demand for the company's high-speed optical connectivity solutions (100 gig per lane 800 gig PAM products used to transmit massive volumes of data between CPUs)

accelerators, and switches in traditional and AI-optimized cloud data centers. Data center revenue from AI was 10% in fiscal 2024. Marvell plans to launch its 200 GB per lane 1.6T PAM optical connection equipment by 2024.

Marvell also renewed its relationship with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing to build a technology platform for 2-nanometer accelerated computing processors. This purchase allows the company to lead next-generation AI workload performance and power efficiency improvements.

Marvell has growth potential in other market categories outside AI. Marvell anticipates its carrier infrastructure, enterprise networking, and consumer businesses to recover in the second half of fiscal 2025. The company's automotive sector is also growing due to car connection and bandwidth requirements.

Growing demand for its AI-optimized networking equipment and expected recovery in other end markets may make this company a good investment in 2024.

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