1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent: With Pole 

The 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent stands as a testament to the early days of American coinage and holds a special place in the hearts of collectors for its historical significance and distinctive design.  

The term "With Pole" refers to a feature found on some examples of the 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent, where Liberty's cap is depicted with a visible pole or staff extending upwards.  

This design element is not present on all specimens of the coin, making those with the "With Pole" variety particularly sought after by collectors. 

The presence of the pole on Liberty's cap is thought to be a die variety, resulting from differences in the preparation or engraving of the dies used in the coin's production. Such variations are common in early coinage and add depth to the study and collection of numismatics. 

For collectors, coins with distinctive features like the "With Pole" variety offer a glimpse into the intricacies of the minting process and the craftsmanship of early engravers.  

Each coin tells a story of the Mint's efforts to produce consistent and aesthetically pleasing coinage during a period of experimentation and innovation. 

Owning a specimen of the 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent with the "With Pole" variety allows collectors to connect with this pivotal moment in American history and adds depth and diversity to their collections.  

As such, these coins are highly prized and cherished for their beauty, rarity, and historical importance.

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