1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar: 3 Leaves 

The 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is a significant coin in American numismatics, being one of the earliest issues of the United States Mint's silver dollar series. 

In the "3 Leaves" variety, there are three leaves on the branch that supports the eagle on the reverse of the coin. These leaves are positioned below the eagle's tail feathers and are a defining characteristic of this variety. 

Designed by Robert Scot, the obverse (front) of the 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar features a portrait of Liberty facing right, with flowing hair and a Liberty cap, symbolizing freedom and independence. The word "LIBERTY" appears above Liberty's head, and the date "1795" is below. 

On the reverse, an eagle with outstretched wings is depicted, perched on a rock and surrounded by a wreath.  

The eagle holds an olive branch and arrows in its talons, symbolizing peace and preparedness for defense. Above the eagle is the inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." 

The 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar was struck in relatively low quantities and faced extensive circulation, leading many examples to exhibit signs of wear and damage. 

Additionally, the early minting process was not as precise as modern methods, resulting in variations in strike quality and die characteristics among surviving specimens. 

Due to its historical significance, low mintage, and distinctive die varieties like the "3 Leaves" variety, the 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is highly sought after by collectors. 

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