1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent: Head of 1793 

The 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent is a significant coin in American numismatics, representing one of the earliest issues of the large cent denomination by the United States Mint.  

The "Head of 1793" variety refers to a distinctive characteristic found on the obverse (front) side of some specimens of this coin. 

In the "Head of 1793" variety, the portrait of Liberty on the obverse of the coin closely resembles the design used in 1793 for the Flowing Hair Large Cent. 

This variety is characterized by Liberty's portrait facing to the right, with her hair flowing and tied with a ribbon. The inscription "LIBERTY" appears above her head, and the date "1794" is positioned below. 

The reverse (back) of the 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent features a Liberty cap atop a pole, surrounded by laurel branches and the inscription "ONE CENT OR ONE TENTH OF A DOLLAR." The design symbolizes the liberty and freedom of the young nation. 

The 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent was struck in relatively low quantities and faced extensive circulation, leading many examples to exhibit signs of wear and damage. 

Additionally, the early minting process was not as precise as modern methods, resulting in variations in strike quality and die characteristics among surviving specimens. 

While it may not have the same novelty as its steel counterpart, it remains an integral part of the story of American coinage during World War II. 

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